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  • Catering for Doctors in Memphis

    • May 16, 2015 - 4:52 pm
    • Memphis Catering
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    Panini Catering is a favorite among many doctors and hospitals in Memphis for catering events. We work with several local hospitals and doctor's offices to make sure doctors and staff are taken care of during special events. We love to bring out smoothie bars and delicious catering options to doctors and nurses.

    Here are a few of the events we've catered for doctors in Memphis recently:

    Dr. Turner loved his omelette bar this week. Who wouldn't love so many omelette filling choices? Breakfast meals are a great catering option for doctors and doctor offices who may be very busy later in the day.

    catering for doctors - dr turner in memphis

    Had a great time during a Nurses Week! We got to serve smoothies and cappuccino to amazing nurses at Saint Francis Hospital - Memphis and Baptist Memorial Hospital For Women. Nurses are very hardworking and deserve to take a break and enjoy a smoothie!

    catering for nurses - nurses in memphis

    We also love serving future nurses! We set up our smoothie bar at events for Baptist College of Healthy Sciences Nursing where future nurses are studying to take care of patients.

    nursing catering - food for nurses

    Doctor's Week and Doctor's Day is always a special time for us as we get to cater numerous events. We love visiting local hospitals like Lebonheur to serve food and drinks to the doctors who work hard daily to save lives.

    catering for doctors - doctors day at lebonheur catering for doctors week

    We also cater medical related events like the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. We were at the Jackson, TN American Cancer Society Relay For Life event recently where we served smoothies in the Cancer Care Center and The West Clinic booth.

    relay for life catering

    These are just a few of the medical events we've attended and catered over the last few months. Every year we cater hundreds of events for doctors and hospitals.

    If you need catering for a doctor's office, hospital, or other medical space or event, please contact us!

  • Brazilian BBQ in Memphis

    new brazilian bbq from panini catering

    Make your next event more exciting with Brazilian BBQ!

    Bring all the excitement of a Brazilian Steakhouse to your next event with our delicious Brazilian Style BBQ Catering. With freshly grilled food prepared in exhibition style cooking, it's action catering at its best.

    Our Churrasco-Rotisserie style grill will be positioned at your event for your guests to enjoy the sizzle and aroma created from our unique custom built open flamed grill. Perfectly seasoned meats will be presented from carving stations for your guest to partake.

    You'll be able to choose from menu items like herb & garlic encrusted beef tenderloin, leg of lamb, honey ginger pork tenderloin, lemon peppered chicken wings, assorted sausages and more when you order.

    Book your Brazilian BBQ

    Brazilian BBQ is perfect for almost any event including:

    • Weddings
    • Corporate Events
    • Tailgate Parties (Now Booking!)
    • School Fundraisers
    • Holiday Parties

    We have 3 pricing levels available to fit any size party. Call for pricing.

     We are currently booking for June and summer events.

    Call Steve at 901-569-5952 to book your date while it is still available!

  • Graduation & End of School Catering

    • April 10, 2015 - 10:54 am
    • Memphis Catering
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    Memphis, did you know we cater school events too? Prom, graduation, teacher appreciation, end of school year parties - we cater it all!

    End of School Events Catering

    The end of the school year is coming and we are gearing up to cater all those special events like proms, graduation parties, and teacher appreciation days.

    End of School Year Catering Specials (1)

    If you or someone you know is looking for a fun caterer to cook on site at your end of school event or bring drop off food for a more casual affair, please give us a call at 901-569-5952.

    End of School Catering Ideas

    Here are the specials we offer that are popular during these educational events:

    Strawberry Smoothie - Smoothie Bar - School Catering

    Smoothie bars - Always a hit with students, teachers and parents! Everyone loves fun drinks they can customize and watch being made. If you order food for 175 people or more you can also get a free hour of our smoothie bar!

    Fajita bars - Another great option for student events is our popular fajita bar that starts at just $6.95 per person. Our chefs freshly grill beef and chicken with a buffet style toppings bar so guests can make their own fajitas!

    Patio Grill Catering - With the great spring weather upon us, it's time to start eating out on the patio. With our special Patio Grill service we bring the food to your patio. Our grill can fit anywhere, from a small patio to a huge company parking lot.
    With high quality meat and toppings, the Patio Grill is perfect for a fun end of school year event to celebrate teachers and students alike.

    Call us at 901-569-5952 to schedule any of these delicious options for your end of school event.

    Let's celebrate the end of the school year together!

  • Mobile Coffee Bar: We Deliver Coffee To Your Event

    • February 20, 2015 - 11:02 am
    • Coffee Bar Catering
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    coffee bar memphis - memphis coffee caterer

    You’re excited Starbucks will deliver coffee? We’ve been doing that for years! Our mobile coffee bar has been delivering fresh coffee on site at corporate and social events in Memphis for over two decades.

    The extremely cold weather this time of year makes it the perfect time to learn more about our mobile coffee bar and hire it for your next event. All the ice and freezing temperatures make people crave a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and we'll bring the coffee to you!

    coffee bar catering in memphis tn - memphis caterer

    What exactly is a coffee bar?

    memphis coffee catering - coffee bar catererOur full service mobile coffee bar brings the coffee to you and your event. We bring the equipment and ingredients necessary to make cappuccinos, frappuccinos, lattes, and more on site at your event. Guests can choose from our full service coffee menu or make special requests to get the drink that they want, no matter what time of day it is!

    Our friendly, highly trained baristas serve the coffee while interacting with guests at your event. Using state-of-the-art equipment our baristas create high quality beverages from our full coffee/cappuccino menu.

    If you’ve never had the pleasure of getting drinks from a coffee bar, you’re in for a treat. Give us a call!

    What are the most popular coffee bar drinks?

    coffee bar memphis - memphis coffee catererOur Cappuccino Bar has been served at countless employee appreciation events and weddings. It’s always a hit and several drinks are ordered over and over again.

    Our most popular coffee drinks requested by guests at events:

    • Mocha Cappuccino
    • Caramel Latte

    These coffee drinks are requested frequently but we can make any coffee drink you can dream up! Want your favorite you order every day at Starbucks? We can do it!

    Who needs a coffee bar?

    Our coffee bar is a great option for several types of events:

    • Employee Appreciation - Most employees love coffee and a mobile coffee bar at the office or at an employee appreciation event gives them a special treat. Coffee is part of a normal work day for most employees after all!
    • Corporate Events - Whether you are planning a corporate executive meeting, awards ceremony, large conference, company lunch, or other corporate event, a coffee bar is sure to please the crowd. A coffee bar will take your corporate event to the next level by adding a fun element while still remaining professional.
    • Weddings - Our coffee bars are a hit at weddings! Many  guests don’t expect coffee to be served at a wedding so it is a welcome surprise as well as a source of energy to keep the party going all night long.
    • Any catered event - You can add our mobile coffee bar to any event that needs catering. It’s a great add on item when you purchase a food order from us. As one of the only coffee catering companies in Memphis, we can work alongside other caterers.

    Coffee perks people up and keep the event going strong for it's entirety. It is always a crowd pleaser. If you're planning any type of event you will want to serve coffee to your guests.

    Want a mobile coffee bar for your event?

    Contact us today to get a mobile coffee bar scheduled for your event. We can serve events of any type and any size - no crowd is too large!

    Call us at 901-569-5952 or send us an email to order a coffee bar today!