• Cinco de Mayo Catering in Memphis

    Every year we love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by catering events for companies and families across the Mid-South. This year we're hoping to bring our action catering and specialty food bars to even more locations in May. 

    We've got options for you to celebrate all day long:

    Spice up breakfast with our Omelette Bar

    omellettWant to wake up the right way? Order our Omelette Bar to have omelettes complete with peppers, onions, and perfectly cooked meats. Ask for extra peppers and lots of hot sauce with your order to spice up your day from the start! 

    Price: starting at $6.95 per person

    Omelette bar catering details.

    Sip through work with our Smoothie Bar

    Smoothies make every work day better, which is why our smoothie bar is the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with employees or friends!

    Strawberry SmoothieWe've got special themed non-alcoholic drink specials crafted to delight everyone. Made to order from fresh ingredients, these smoothies will be the perfect addition to your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

    Cinco de Mayo Smoothie Drink Specials

    We will be serving up delicious non-alcoholic drinks with lots of flavor. A few Cinco de Mayo specials:

    • Mock Margarita
    • Pina Colada
    • Banana Licuado
    • Latin Limeade

    These delicious smoothie drinks are sure to be a hit with your group on Cinco de Mayo.
    Call Randy at 901-409-7409 to schedule a smoothie bar.

    Price: starting at $290 or FREE for food orders of 175 or more

    Smoothie bar catering details.

    Celebrate the day with our Fajita Bar

    Fajita BarWhether you plan a lunch or dinner celebration, our fajita bar is sure to be a hit on Cinco de Mayo.

    Our fajita bar comes with seasoned beef and chicken and all the toppings you would want for fajitas.

    Price: starting at $6.95 per person 

    Fajita bar catering details.

    Call Steve at 901-569-5952 to take advantage of these specials!

  • Mobile Coffee Bar: We Deliver Coffee To Your Event

    • February 20, 2015 - 11:02 am
    • Coffee Bar Catering
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    coffee bar memphis - memphis coffee caterer

    You’re excited Starbucks will deliver coffee? We’ve been doing that for years! Our mobile coffee bar has been delivering fresh coffee on site at corporate and social events in Memphis for over two decades.

    The extremely cold weather this time of year makes it the perfect time to learn more about our mobile coffee bar and hire it for your next event. All the ice and freezing temperatures make people crave a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee and we'll bring the coffee to you!

    coffee bar catering in memphis tn - memphis caterer

    What exactly is a coffee bar?

    memphis coffee catering - coffee bar catererOur full service mobile coffee bar brings the coffee to you and your event. We bring the equipment and ingredients necessary to make cappuccinos, frappuccinos, lattes, and more on site at your event. Guests can choose from our full service coffee menu or make special requests to get the drink that they want, no matter what time of day it is!

    Our friendly, highly trained baristas serve the coffee while interacting with guests at your event. Using state-of-the-art equipment our baristas create high quality beverages from our full coffee/cappuccino menu.

    If you’ve never had the pleasure of getting drinks from a coffee bar, you’re in for a treat. Give us a call!

    What are the most popular coffee bar drinks?

    coffee bar memphis - memphis coffee catererOur Cappuccino Bar has been served at countless employee appreciation events and weddings. It’s always a hit and several drinks are ordered over and over again.

    Our most popular coffee drinks requested by guests at events:

    • Mocha Cappuccino
    • Caramel Latte

    These coffee drinks are requested frequently but we can make any coffee drink you can dream up! Want your favorite you order every day at Starbucks? We can do it!

    Who needs a coffee bar?

    Our coffee bar is a great option for several types of events:

    • Employee Appreciation - Most employees love coffee and a mobile coffee bar at the office or at an employee appreciation event gives them a special treat. Coffee is part of a normal work day for most employees after all!
    • Corporate Events - Whether you are planning a corporate executive meeting, awards ceremony, large conference, company lunch, or other corporate event, a coffee bar is sure to please the crowd. A coffee bar will take your corporate event to the next level by adding a fun element while still remaining professional.
    • Weddings - Our coffee bars are a hit at weddings! Many  guests don’t expect coffee to be served at a wedding so it is a welcome surprise as well as a source of energy to keep the party going all night long.
    • Any catered event - You can add our mobile coffee bar to any event that needs catering. It’s a great add on item when you purchase a food order from us. As one of the only coffee catering companies in Memphis, we can work alongside other caterers.

    Coffee perks people up and keep the event going strong for it's entirety. It is always a crowd pleaser. If you're planning any type of event you will want to serve coffee to your guests.

    Want a mobile coffee bar for your event?

    Contact us today to get a mobile coffee bar scheduled for your event. We can serve events of any type and any size - no crowd is too large!

    Call us at 901-569-5952 or send us an email to order a coffee bar today!