• Wedding Catering Trend: Breakfast Foods

    As Memphis wedding caterers, we love to stay up to date on all the wedding catering trends in the industry so we can best serve our customers.

    The Knot recently shared a list of wedding catering trends sharing one of our favorites: breakfast foods!

    The wedding experts explained the wedding catering trend of serving breakfast foods:

    It's your wedding, so why not choose your absolute favorite breakfast foods? Think about it: bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, pan-fried potatoes and even blueberry pancakes. The trick to pulling it off breakfast food is to make it look like it belongs at a wedding. So ask your caterer for ideas, but a few we love to get you started include bacon and fried egg cupcakes at cocktail hour, mini French toasts, or even jumbo shrimp spiked with Bloody Mary pipettes (trust us, it's amazing).

    Our waffle bar catering fits this breakfast food wedding catering trend perfectly! No wonder why it's been so popular among our wedding clients lately.

    wedding waffle bar catering

    Wedding Waffle Catering

    If serving breakfast foods is the hottest trend in wedding catering, then serving a Belgian waffle bar is sure to be a hit with your wedding guests. We've been serving waffle bars at weddings and other events for years now and promise it will make your guests quite happy.

    Our waffle bar comes with quality Belgian waffles served hot off the iron! We cook each waffle on site in front of guests with our action catering concept. We can serve groups of any size so people are served fresh waffles quickly.

    The waffle bar comes complete with all the toppings your guests will want:

    • Pure Maple Syrup
    • Warm Peaches
    • Chopped Pecans
    • Butter
    • Powdered Sugar
    • Whipped Cream

    So how much does this delicious waffle bar catering cost for your wedding?

    • $8.95 Per Person up to 15 people
    • $7.95 Per Person  16-49 people
    • $6.95 Per Person  – 50-500 people

    Additionally you can add some extras to make your wedding waffle bar really shine:

    • Juice or Coffee – $.75 per person
    • Add Bacon – $1.25 per person
    • Tea (sweet, unsweet, mango, peach) - $8 per gallon

    We really recommend the bacon. Bacon makes most people really happy and will be a huge hit with your waffles! We can also accommodate other waffle toppings you might want. Just ask us when placing your waffle bar catering order.

    If you're planning a brunch wedding or want to use this wedding catering trend, call us at 901-569-5952 to schedule your wedding waffle bar!