Westin Hotel Memphis Cappuccino Bar Catering

  • November 8, 2011 - 10:04 pm
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The Westin Hotel in Memphis hired us to set up our Cappuccino Bar catering and serve for an executive meeting.  All the executives loved our drinks, and were impressed by the level of fun we brought to their event, while maintaining the utmost professionalism.

Call us today for all your Memphis Cappuccino Bar catering needs.  From executives to kids, we can handle any crowd!

When you have been in the catering business for as long as we have, handling  crowds, small or large, is a piece of cake. Yet, we ensure treating every event with utmost professionalism and see to it that your guests get the best culinary experience.

We know that each event is unique, as are the guests. That is why our mantra is: "If you want your guests to simply have 'food', call the other guys; but if you want them to have an 'awesome culinary experience' call us!"

At the Westin hotel too, the setting was just right for the executive meeting: sophisticated technology, calming decor and an uncomplicated layout. To add to it, we brought in our delicious beverages, professional services and chef-prepared coffee that left guests impressed! Each guest got his/her coffee just the way he/she liked it and we all know how important coffee is at such formal events.

And it is not just formal and solemn events like executive meets, employee appreciations and award ceremonies that we cater to; we also do fun events like kid's parties, birthdays, anniversary celebrations as well as graduation and prom parties.

Our offerings are flexible and versatile: we do smoothie catering, milkshake bar catering, ice-cream sundae bar catering along with the regular breakfast/lunch/dinner menu. In fact; we are the only Memphis coffee caterers that do coffee/cappuccino catering along with regular food menu. It is no wonder that we have been voted the best catering company in Memphis! The next time you are in charge of planning a corporate event or a social one; do think of us.

We can arrange to give your guests the best food along with a memorable Memphis coffee catering experience.