Panini Catering of Memphis served our Smoothie and Coffee Bar at Jonesboro Cancer Clinic

  • March 8, 2012 - 1:17 pm
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Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Delight Smoothie

Tuesday we were at a Cancer Center in Jonesboro AR and  served the patients, care givers, nurses, and doctors Smoothies and Cappuccino drinks.  Everyone enjoyed the drinks, especially the patients.  Some of them were even receiving their chemotherapy and drinking a smoothie at the same time.  Our drinks definitely added  some fun to even this unpleasant procedure, bringing smiles to the faces of all involved.


Voted Best Beverage Caterer in Memphis, Panini Catering by Java Coast can handle all your catering needs. What makes coffee catering in Memphis so popular? For one, everyone gets a beverage exactly the way he/she wants it; what better way to make a patient feel better than that? We also offer tremendous variety in our drinks; so our clients can order drinks based on their mood or even their nutritional requirements.

Catering for events like this makes us feel good about ourselves. Everyone deserves a treat every once in a while, and those undergoing treatment for cancer even  more than others. Our company has been catering for corporations and individuals since 1982 and has always believed in the philosophy of 'doing our part' for society.

Everyone at the event enjoyed the drinks and patients, nurses and doctors alike paid their compliments to us.  Cancer treatment can play havoc with one's appetite and those undergoing chemo often face a host of challenges related to eating and drinking. With our delicious smoothies, flavored coffees, spiced teas etc, we hoped to stimulate their taste buds- and believe we achieved that.

It is very important that patients undergoing therapy for cancer eat and drink  well to prevent malnutrition which is likely to affect nearly 85 percent of cancer patients.

We have hence developed our flexibile and versatile coffee & smoothie bar catering menu with such special needs in mind. We also cater for private functions, weddings, Mitzvahs, youth functions, and holiday meals, etc. One can choose from cappucino bar catering, smoothie catering, and even catered ice cream and milkshakes. Coffee, being a versatile drink, makes a great addition to any event and it is no wonder that coffee catering is gaining tremendous popularity.

We're the only full-service coffee caterers in Memphis.  Contact us the next time you're planning an event!