Catering Trends: A Melting Pot of Flavors

  • September 14, 2012 - 12:30 am
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Since the beginning of time, food has played an important role in the lives of men and women: not just from a nutritional perspective, but also as an experience for the senses. Today, many travel far and wide in pursuit of different culinary experiences and tastes, but for those who cannot; there are the ever changing trends in globalization that are stimulating restaurants and hotels to change their menus and recipes. Food has indeed become central to our lives and a necessary part of our celebrations; families and friends are known to have their best moments ‘around the dinner table’ with delicious meals.

Be it a wedding or an anniversary, when you invite guests to your event, you want them to be entertained. The meal served on such occasions must reflect this desire. Additionally, the meals served should reflect your personality. Increasingly, the culinary trends being seen are depicting precisely this. More and more clients are demanding menus which showcase one’s origins and ethnicity- it is no wonder that chefs are required to study different menus and spices from around the world. You can literally see “blends of cultures” in the cuisines, and traditional food items getting ‘modern twists’.

Menus are also becoming personalized and social; today catering is equally about “creating an atmosphere”. Smaller portions, heavier appetizers, and social meals are the norms today. Attractive presentation of the food is also very important.  Small but attractive plates, cute cups and saucers with small bite-sized appetizers, and other appetizingly-arranged specialties are always appreciated at Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and corporate parties, and more.  The food and its presentation can be matched perfectly to the atmosphere of the event.

Another culinary trend being seen is the comeback of comfort food.  Classic pastas and lasagnas, and hearty soups with homemade flavors are increasingly in demand. These items, when made fresh on-site, guarantee flavors the guests will love.  The classic flavors and attractive presentation of these dishes are sure to make guests right at home.

The food stations at events are also becoming more personalized.  Guests and chefs can interact with each other and have their food custom made, just the way they'd like. Giving guests exactly what they want is a sure way to keep them talking about the food long after the tables have been cleared! 

Increasingly, family style menus are in demand - for example, sandwiches and wraps served with chips that can be passed around the table, or serving dishes that are shared by the whole table. These are not just great conversation starters; they're a sure-fire way to make sure your guests feel like part of the family.

Then there are menus targeting the youth.  Smoothie and milkshake bars, flatbread sandwiches made fresh off the grill, etc., are always hits at graduation parties, Fourth of July celebrations, Proms, pool parties, sweet 16 parties, youth groups, and more.  But don't worry – adults love these foods, too.

In the same way, corporate catering is getting a facelift. Delicious and unique menus can be specially created to impress important clients, corporate donors as well as one’s employees. The entire hassle of planning stressful corporate events can be greatly eased by reliable caterers.  The experienced chefs can prepare fresh food right in front of important clients who are bound to be impressed with such fun and fresh alternatives to classic sit-down meals.

Catering is indeed going to the next dimension.  One is no longer required to play things safe, with common and conventional choices. There are no right and wrong decisions when it comes to catering your event.  The only thing that matters is your preference.