Cappuccino Bars & Cofee Catering during this chilly weather are a big hit in Memphis

  • November 4, 2011 - 9:51 pm
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We  served  Cappuccino Bar at  Smith and Nephew for an employee appreciation event.  The Mocha Cappuccino and Caramel Latte were the most popular.

Our Memphis Cappuccino bar catering is always a favorite, wheverever we go.  From corporate parties to weddings, we are your Memphis coffee catering solution.

In the cold chilly season, we all crave a steaming hot freshly brewed cup of coffee. While at work, executives often have to make do with the coffee machine brews or be satisfied with coffee that has been brewed ages ago. But not anymore! Memphis coffee caterers have the perfect solution for giving your employees fresh flavored (or conventional) coffee-as per their liking.

Great coffee is also not just about freshly prepared cappuccino or mocha latte but equally about the service. Our friendly chefs and barista not only serve the coffee but also interact with the guests. The equipment that we use is also state-of-the-art and  these factors, no matter small,  contribute to the highest quality beverages that our patrons have come to expect from us. We take our title of 'Best Caterers in Memphis' very seriously! Additionally, we are the only catering company that offers a full coffee/cappuccino menu with regular food items.

Coffee has become central to our lives. In the corporate world, the importance of coffee cannot be stressed enough. Employees use coffee breaks to keep themselves stimulated during meetings and also enjoy a well-deserved break from them. This in turn adds to the productivity of the organization.

Thus, we believe there is no better way to show appreciation to your employees than by serving delicious flavored/ traditional coffee at awards, corporate events and employee picnics. When you choose us to cater at these formal (or informal) events, you get the hospitality your employees deserve and also a beverage that is delicious and of a consistently superior quality.

Memphis Coffee Caterers can help you show your appreciation to your employees-do give us a call today and we guarantee you that your next corporate event will be a truly memorable one!